Tarrazu Anyone?

I recently began a search for a Columbian coffee in whole bean variety. My search carried me out across the inter-webs, down south towards Columbia, of course. Where else would one find Columbian coffee outside of the local grocery? On my journey south I was conveniently derailed in Costa Rica where the local farmers grow coffee in the volcanic soils around 3500′ elevation. It was there I found Tarrazu… Well, I actually found the finished (roasted product) in New Jersey, yes, New Jersey. For just one moment, I felt I would be afforded the privilege of traveling to Costa Rica in order to retrieve this new found treasure, but alas my vision was muddled by the old economic laws of import/export and the availability of products on eBay. For there, via the world wide web, Costa Rica was brought to me through Rhoadsroast Coffees and a listing on eBay. Now I sip my fresh coffee and envision myself farming in the volcanic mountains of Costa Rica, in an effort, to supply the host of coffee sippers throughout the entire world with fresh and magical Tarrazu coffee. A man can dream…


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