Thru The Bible

    Pressing forward with studies in the book of Isaiah, riding along on the Bible Bus with Dr. J. Vernon McGee on his Thru The Bible in 5 years study. This program is, in my opinion, an excellent method whereby one is able to journey thru the scriptures and obtain a vast wealth of knowledge while traveling. Dr. McGee’s plan alternates between the Old Testament and the New Testament so as not to become too bogged in either one for an extended period of time. TTB broadcasts on thousands of radio stations worldwide. TTB offers free notes and outlines for each book of the Bible which can be easily downloaded as .pdf files to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Podcasts are also available for free. A USB flash drive containing the entire 5 year study is available also for a one time fee.  There is nothing to lose yet there is everything to gain from this thorough study of the Bible. It is a valuable asset for any scholar or beginning student of scripture alike. Hope to find you on the Bible Bus soon. Thank You for stopping by.      guseast

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